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Hello, and welcome to Jim king's website.

Much of his songwriting draws upon his profound belief in equality and social justice. His songs tell stories of beauty, prejudice, and the kindness of people. He’ll inspire you, make you laugh and cry. He’ll make you angry and calm, help you face shadows and introduce you to wonders.


He has played pubs, clubs, and benefits, arts centres and festivals. He’s an acclaimed singer and songwriter who has been performing for more than 50 years.

If you'd like to invite Jim to play for you and share some songs - no audience too small, no venue too remote, house concert; club; festival; whatever - then go over to the contact page. Or you could call or text him at 07803549387. He also has a Facebook page here

All Jim's recorded song lyrics are available and linked to each album, along with links to soundcloud for your listening pleasure. Here, below, are some videos, and there are more on Jim's YouTube channel . . . .

West Coast Day

Here's a song about one of my favourite bits of this planet - The Clyde Estuary with its coastline and islands.

Martin Forry filmed and produced this amazing video that works the magical spell of making me seem quite professional.

Take Back Control

(reasons to be fearful # 1)

A collection of some of the things that have been written and said to justify Britain leaving the EU.

Thanks to Gina Graham for filming this at The Nova Scotia Folk Club in Bishopriggs.

The Gathering

From 2010, at Edinburgh Folk Club Carrying Stream Festival. A 'light hearted' anti-Fascist song. Thanks to Trish Santer for the filming.

Since this performance, the song has had additional lyrics and the new version is on my new album due out in Spring 2018.

Little Jimmy

I don't know who wrote the words, I picked it up years ago from a pal, but I put a tune to it and arranged it a bit.

This performance was a benefit gig and my dear friend Steven Clark is ably accompanying my nonsense.

Thanks to Eoin Kinane for getting his phone out and capturing the moment.


(No Passers By)

A song written to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Kristalnacht. Originally performed, on the 80th anniversary of the events, at Dram in Glasgow.

Little Posh Kids

The colours may change, but the behaviour will likely remain the same while Capital has control of our politics. So there's little I can do but laugh at it.

I am endebted to Malvena Reynolds for the melody.

Louisiana 1927

Randy Newman wrote this in 1974. The 'Great Flood' of '27 left nearly quarter of a million people homeless and around 500 known dead.

BloodRed Roses

Title track of my first album.

Directed at men who feel they have to dominate those closest to them.

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