20th February 2018


The new album is shaping up nicely and there should be a bit of 'tweeking' over the next few weeks to get it ready, hopefully, for some kind of launch in the middle of March.


1st December 2017


That's the website shake-upg done, all lyrics for current albums now available, just click on the albums and scroll down to find songs.


20th November 2017


I've started to record a new album of songs - to be called 'It Takes All Kinds'.


I'm working with Patrick Bullen who is not only an extremely accomplished musician, but also an inspiration and a great sound engineer. So far, we've got the bones of four tracks down and fairly clear ideas about the rest.


The songs included are . . .


It Takes All Kinds. The title track, which began as a reflection on social media during campagns about elections and referenda, is more broadly a wish for tolerence and sanity.


Duncan And Brady. This is based on real events and provides insights into a distant place and time. I've arranged a traditional song and created additional verses to get closer to the truth about institutional racism. Little has changed.


Attitudes Of Men. Austerity politics works because the disaffected and oppressed become imprisoned in our peripheral vision. We should be doing better.


Little Posh Kids. 99.5% of all politicians give the rest a bad name. Sadly, the colour is mostly irrelevant.


The Badger And The Cow. Based on a real event shared with me some forty years ago.


Chernobyl (Fukushima). Dating back to 1986, I have extended the song in light of more recent events.


God In A Petrol Station. This was inspired by a friend being stood up on a date. The Renfrew Ferry referred to is an entertainment venue on the Clyde in Glasgow.


Castles By The Shore. The body of Aylan Alkurdi, a three year old Syrian child was washed up on a Turkish beach in September 2015. That's not what beaches are for.


The Gathering. Picking on minorities is easy - until they join hands together. This is also a song I have updated in recent times.


Bowling Green Massacre. First it's exaggeration, then it's lies, when they become propoganda things quickly turn into 'alternative truth'.


10th September 2017


Many thanks to Stu Who? and Steven Clark for a great benefit show at Dram last night. Thanks to the audience's generosity, we raised £400 for The Re-Tune project.





From 25th February, and for the forseeable future, I'll be hosting the session every Sunday at The Wee Dram in Woodlands Road, Glasgow - 8pm to midnight.

For more than 17 years it has been one of the most eclectic and enjoyable sessions in the city. For much of that time it's been hosted by 'Fast Fingers' Phil Petherbridge.

Phil's health isn't too good just now so he's asked me to keep it going. This will, hopefully, be a short lived arrangement and he'll return with a clear eye and robust constitution.


23rd February 2018 at 8pm

'Hosting' at

Partick Folk Club

St. Peter's CHurch Hall

66 Chancellor Street

Partick, G11 5PS

Guest - Archie McAllister and Sileas Sinclair




20th March 2018 at 8pm

Quarter Acoustic Music Club

Quarter Booling Club

Limekilnburn Road


Sth Lanarkshire

Ml3 7XA




20th May 2018 at 8pm

The Wee Folk Club

The Royal Oak,

1 Infirmary St






16th June 2018 at 2pm to 11:30 pm

West End Festival Show with guests


Woodlands Road





20th June 2018 at 8pm

Aberdeen Folk Club

The Blue Lamp

121 Gallowgate,


AB25 1BU