12th November 2018


Come the 1st of December, I'll be heading up to the Scottish Trad Music Awards at Perth Concert Hall, with my dear chums - Claire, Gavin and Billy - from Partick Folk Club. We have been nominated and shortlisted for the Best Club category.


The biggest of great big thank-yous to everyone who nominated and voted. It's quite an honour even to be shortlisted.


On 7th December I'll be back in Partick to host an open session (St. Peter's Church Hall, Cahncellor Street). This is instead of the usual 'last Friday' for November as the venue was needed for church business.


10th November 2018


I had a great time last night and, it seems, a few other folk enjoyed themselves too. There's something magical about hearing a room full of voices singing along to my songs.


It was an auspicious occasion, being the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and it was particularly heartening, at the end of the evening, to meet some of the people who appreciated what I'm attempting to do with the political shows. I'm getting a bit too old to be marching for social justice, so I'll carry on trying to keep the cause alive and persuade those more capable to carry the torch.


Sincerest gratitude to those who took the trouble to turn up, stay, and join in. You made this old(ish) man really quite happy.


6th October 2018


I have been asked to do the warm up for Haggerdash at Above Pitch Productions in Yill Hoose Bar at Cafe Source Too. It's at Hillhead Sports Club. 19th November 2018, doors open @ 7:00 for 7:30 start.


Also I'll be hosting, as usual, at Partick Folk Club on 26th October. St.Peter's Church Hall, 66 Chancellor St, Partick. This month our guests are Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin, otherwise known for being the fabulously talented musicians in the Mick West Band.


22nd September 2018


Looking forward to the next gig on 9th November. It's more than four years since I last brought together a load of political material and there have been some additions to the repertoire since. I just love the freedom of putting on my own show and doing it my way, no tickets, no restrictions, if an audience comes it's likely to be because they want to be there. That's both magical and liberating.


I can't wait.


14th June 2018


Had some fun on Sunday chatting with Bob Leslie on Celtic Music Radio here in Glasgow. Lot's happening just now with the West End Festival show coming up, the gig in Aberdeen and the hosting Partick Folk Club on 22nd when Rab Noaks will be the guest.


Happy days.


22nd May 2018


Today I received a review of the new album. It was from Ross

MacFadyen, a great guy who hosts the 'Thank Folk It's Friday' programme on Celtic Music Radio.


"Jim King is a special kind of folkie. He has the knack of taking weighty subject matter and presenting it in a gentle yet perceptive manner.


His new CD, It Takes All Kinds is no different. From the light hearted songs, Little Posh Kids and Chernobyl to the storytelling of the Badger and the Cow and Bowling Green Massacre, Jim King keeps you well entertained and educated in a reflective and musing style."



10th May 2018




"It Takes All Kinds" is now available.


Two years later than planned, but it's finally done. Sincerest thanks and my undying admiration go to Paddy Bullen, whose talents seem boundless, and to Ian McLeod for his wonderful violin solo on Bowling Green Massacre (track 10).


If you go to the "albums" page you click on a link to hear reasonably high res. versions of all the songs. Click on the album cover graphic and it'll take you to all the lyrics.


Anyone wishing to get hold of a copy send me an email (or facebook message) and I'll sort it out for you.


The songs included are . . .


It Takes All Kinds. The title track, which began as a reflection on social media during campagns about elections and referenda, is more broadly a wish for tolerence and sanity.


Duncan And Brady. This is based on real events and provides insights into a distant place and time. I've arranged a traditional song and created additional verses to get closer to the truth about institutional racism. Little has changed.


Attitudes Of Men. Austerity politics works because the disaffected and oppressed become imprisoned in our peripheral vision. We should be doing better.


Little Posh Kids. 99.5% of all politicians give the rest a bad name. Sadly, the colour is mostly irrelevant.


The Badger And The Cow. Based on a real event shared with me some forty years ago.


Chernobyl (Fukushima). Dating back to 1986, I have extended the song in light of more recent events.


God In A Petrol Station. This was inspired by a friend being stood up on a date. The Renfrew Ferry referred to is an entertainment venue on the Clyde in Glasgow.


Castles By The Shore. The body of Aylan Alkurdi, a three year old Syrian child was washed up on a Turkish beach in September 2015. That's not what beaches are for.


The Gathering. Picking on minorities is easy - until they join hands together. This is also a song I have updated in recent times.


Bowling Green Massacre. This was inspired by Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway referring to a fictitious incident in order to justify Trump's ban on visitors from muslim countries.


First it's exaggeration, then it's lies, when it becomes propoganda, things quickly turn into 'alternative truth'. We live in troubling times.





9th November 2018 at 8pm

Politics, schmolitics

Songs From The Left


Woodlands Road





26th January 2019

Farnie House Concert

Time and details tbc




31st March 2019 at 8pm

The Wee Folk Club

The Royal Oak,

1 Infirmary St